“In the summertime, when all the trees and leaves are green, and the redbird sings…”

Interesting links are the English-muffin sandwiches of the Internet: start your day with one and you’ll power that much more profitably through the hours, all thanks to lingering in the virtual Frühstückszimmer of your mind…

The Book Haven discovers what Frankenstein has to do with Walt Whitman’s brain, and, less whimsically, the man who volunteered for Auschwitz. 

Nancy Marie Brown votes for the most influential writer of the Middle Ages.

Dylan pens “Disreputable,” a great ghazal.

“Maybe the dingo ate your baby”: Steven Hart hears cruelty in popular culture.

Has Dr. Beachcombing found trolls in Staffordshire?

Brevity wonders: an essay renaissance?

University Diaries does Bloomsday.

The Classical Bookworm likes Duolingo, where translation leads to learning.

Collected Miscellany hails A Hero for WondLa.

So Many Books wonders what books mean to you.

Dan at Obscurorant underestimated H.P. Lovecraft.

Cinerati remembers Star Frontiers.

Adrian Murdoch reports on the discovery of the first Roman camp on the Mosel.

Rohan Maitzen says no, Middlemarch is not book-club suicide.

Bill Peschel thinks Hemingway and Gellhorn would hate Hemingway and Gellhorn.

Gregory Ferrand, painter of neat stuff like this, is part of Art-o-Matic.

First Known When Lost climbs “a flight of steps that end in mid-air, and there is nothing but the sky above them.”

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