“He met the gazes, observed the spaces…”

It’s a pleasantly medieval Monday around the Web. Here are a few links for your reading pleasure…

At Studenda Mira, Dave ponders nomads, then and now.

Scott at Unlocked Wordhoard is reading the 1970s Beowulf comic books so you don’t have to. How bad are they? A sample: “Again, let’s say I buy that their alien spacecraft is crashing over Atlantis…”

Iceland Review Online presents photos and an audio tour of a reconstructed marketplace that was mentioned in the sagas.

News For Medievalists highlights a Sunday Telegraph review of a new Charlemagne novel.

Giving new meaning to the term “starving artist,” Wil at Moyen Age is trying out a medieval diet.

Mary Kate at Old English in New York catches Christopher Hitchens slighting Anglo-Saxonists.

Matthew at Modern Medieval meets the gaze of Otto III.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by! More to come later in the week…

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