“Get the world on video…”

Today we hereby inaugurate a new, occasional, and decidedly un-medieval feature: Forgotten Video Friday!

This time, an ’80s edition…

Back in my youth, when penguin lust was the biggest affront to society, we wouldn’t have been caught dead mocking televangelists without our portable, mouth-blown synthesizers.

We also worried that wheelchair-bound teenagers would use cordless phones to simulate a nuclear attack. (Okay, only one person worried about that.)

Then again, we did worry that 8-bit computers would steal our girlfriends.

Ah, but bar singers knew that you’d come for the mullets, but you’d stay for a little-known Springsteen tune (and a cameo by Nigel St. Hubbins).

Freedom of speech was an issue—but the commissars were never as scary as grown men in sweater dresses.

Occasionally, punk met soul.

And sometimes, thank goodness, Beatles covers were better than the originals.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by—and for your bemused indulgence.

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