“Jenny and Johnny getting smart, it seems…”

Work, family, book promotion, teaching—all these things have conspired to keep me far from my keyboard. Until I can polish off the posts that are clogging up the queue, here are links to some fun posts by others.

Linda McCabe recently became so curious about jolly old Saint Nauphary and his walk-on role in the Charlemagne legends that she decided to track him across modern France. (I strongly and enviously endorse this sort of quest-based travel.)

Withywindle pens an open letter to his students.

Expat novelist Olen Steinhauer explains what he’s doing in Budapest.

Blogging from the great Garden State, author Steven Hart compares the Inklings to modern writers’ groups and finds the latter wanting.

At Per Omnia Saecula, it’s Weird Medieval Animal Monday.

Guess who’s having the Best Fortnyght Ever? Geoffrey Chaucer is defending Britney Spears.

Meanwhile, Chaucer-like, Carl at Got Medieval retracts his entire blog.

Thanks for stopping by—fresh posts are soon to come.

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