“I hear in my mind all of these voices…”

I’m recovering from a week of travel, book talks, and nonstop copywriting—but here are a few links worth following on this foggy Wednesday morning.

If you plan to be in Alabama this weekend, why not join Unlocked Wordhoarder Scott Nokes for the Big Beowulf Bash? (Trust me, they serve mighty fine cake at those Troy University functions.)

Speaking of Anglo-Saxon epic, Gypsy Scholar Jeffery Hodges offers a preview of a Beowulf translation I’m eager to read.

Jonathan Jarrett at A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe wonders, not rhetorically: why should people become historians?

Television writer Lee Goldberg flies to Germany on Air India and can’t recommend the experience.

Steven Hart—author of The Last Three Miles—has smart things to say about the wrath of Harlan Ellison, the “generational taste” of Norman Mailer readers, and the obscurity of James Branch Cabell.

4 thoughts on ““I hear in my mind all of these voices…”

  1. I’m honored to be mentioned among such illustrative company. I did nothing but report a work of genius, the achievement of a Korean Old English scholar, a non-native speaker of Modern English who nevertheless has outdone Seamus Heaney.

    I say that Heaney should hand the Noble Prize over to Sung-Il Lee.

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *


  2. Jeffery, I’m glad you posted that excerpt. Sung-Il Lee’s translation sits easily in modern English without feeling overly colloquial. It would be amusing if a non-native speaker were to create one of the better modern English translations.

    Scott, who says I need a Charlemagne-related excuse? I’ll pop up for lunch and chitchat during one of my many Southern sojourns.


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