“On Thursday, watch the walls instead…”

When I started this blog, I planned to devote a weekly post to “Forgotten Video Friday.” You, dear readers, are no doubt glad I decided otherwise—but here, this morning, because I can’t help myself, I beg your bemused indulgence, and I offer you this occasional cavalcade of ephemeral video linkage.

Today’s theme: cover tunes.

Did you know that Peter Gabriel can be re-purposed for the club scene? Of course he can. Just as Crowded House can be turned into soft, melodious rap.

The guys in Aerosmith surely have guitar picks older than the kids who are covering their tunes.

Maybe you’ve secured a place in pop-music history when whippersnappers cover your songs.

Then again, maybe you haven’t really arrived until your song is covered by a whippersnapper and used as the soundtrack for a fan video about a canceled television series.

Ah, but when all is said and done, you’re not a canonical pop group unless one of your tunes is adapted for the ukulele and the other is covered by a psychic spokeswoman.

…but then sometimes, you discover a surprising and lovely Bob Dylan cover. When that happens, you simply can’t close with a joke.

3 thoughts on ““On Thursday, watch the walls instead…”

  1. That Peter Gabriel cover is going to give me nightmares. What in heaven’s name is that man wearing?

    The John Waite clip is nice. I always think other people sing Dylan’s songs better than he does.

    Who the heck are Luke and Lorelei?


  2. I agree about the Waite cover. I had also wanted to include a cover of the same song by D.C.-based Lisa Mosciatello, but YouTube was not helpful.

    Luke and Lorelei are from “The Gilmore Girls.” I included that video only for the song. If there’d been a better one, I would have linked to it instead, I swear!


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