“I’m looking for cracks in the pavement…”

Back in July, while visiting family, I discovered that downtown New Orleans had been deprived of a prominent literary landmark.

Today, an email missive brings good news: Ignatius has returned. All hail the restoration of theology and geometry to Canal Street!

Behold the grandeur of his physique! The complexity of his worldview! The decency and taste implicit in his carriage! The grace with which he functions in the mire of today’s world!

(Photo courtesy of the blogger’s very cool mom.)

2 thoughts on ““I’m looking for cracks in the pavement…”

  1. The statue is gone again. We were there the first week in December of 2009 and apparently someone had attempted to kidnap him but were caught. The statue, however, was removed. I can find no mention of this on the Internet so I do not know where he is now! I hope you have read the book by now!


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