“Si rex solum unum dies essem, dederem omnia…”

I’m on the run for most of the week, but here are some medieval-themed links to inform, amuse, and delight you on this chilly Tuesday morning.

At Modern Medieval, Matt Gabriele notes a Guardian article about Yuletide medievalism and uses it to make a cogent point: history does not repeat itself.

Scott Nokes at Unlocked Wordhoard takes modern readers to task for failing to understand medieval allegory.

Will at Heroic Dreams dispels a few myths about mead and announces that he’s going into the business of making the stuff.

Michael Livingston speculates about medieval plague and the hillside giants of modern England.

Jennifer Lynn Jordan continues Weird Medieval Animal Monday with a terrifying Ivy League quadruped.

Stán Cynedóm links to the YouTube video that all the cool kids are talking about: Eddie Izzard using Old English to purchase a cow in Friesland.

Finally, in a post that approaches elegy, author Steven Hart recalls seeing his first David Lynch movie in New Brunswick, N.J., during the city’s shabbiest years. (And if you don’t think this is a medieval link, then you never saw New Brunswick during the 1970s…)

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