“Stuck at the dog-end of a day gone by, boy…”

The week is busy; the days end way too soon. While I get my act together, here are some links, dear reader, to edify and amuse you.

Per Omnia Saecula offers a vicodin-inspired installment of Weird Medieval Animal Monday.

Point of Know Return continues Medieval Language Tuesday with a bit of Anglo-Saxon eloquence.

Withywindle wonders why a movie about a debate team shows so little understanding of rhetoric, while Steven Hart has a theory about Will Smith movies.

C.M. Mayo asks: which author blogs do you like to read?

The World of Royalty blog celebrates the 50th anniversary of a uniquely Belgian manifestation of neo-medievalism.

The Lost Fort offers a lovely tour of Lorsch.

Matthew Gabriele shares his excellent podcasts on medieval texts.

Old English in New York has a spiffy new look.

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