“I know it all from Diogenes to the Foucault…”

What, Friday already? Here are a few links for what I hope will be a pleasant and unfretful weekend.

In a post replete with thoughtful connections, Matthew Gabriele considers medieval Europe’s encounters with other cultures within the context of MLK Day.

Steven Hart notes that The Atlantic Monthly has just opened its archive to non-subscribers, so now you can read this mean little story about a medievalist—or take a traveler’s tour of Prince Valiant’s England.

J.J. Cohen responds to an odd call by the Scottish First Minister to repatriate the Lewis Chessmen. (Hat tip: Unlocked Wordhoard.)

Although I’ve mentioned it before, don’t miss Green, Adam Golaski’s quirky new serialized, modernized, creatively remixed translation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. The first part is here; the poem continues here.

Finally, Jennifer Lynn Jordan wonders: Is Terry Gilliam cursed?

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