“Some kind of verb, some kind of moving thing…”

I’m a day away from traveling to exotic locales. While I roll up my socks and frantically search for my plug converters, here are some neat links for you, my dear, medieval-minded readers.

Scott Nokes ponders elves, faeries, and modern medicine.

Carl at Got Medieval notes how a medievalist can benefit from the culture and language of Appalachia. He also spots the sale of relics on EBay—which was, back in 2001, the subject of my sole foray into journalism.

Gabriele at The Lost Fort takes you on a lovely photo tour of Speyer Cathedral, while the Cranky Professor discovers the world’s ugliest pulpit.

Brandon tells you where the name “Gibraltar” came from.

For the classicists among you, don’t miss these red-figure Chuck Taylors featuring scenes from four Greek vases. (Just imagine if the same guy made sneakers featuring the Franks Casket.)

For you Renaissance art historians, go debate Donald Pittenger’s claim that Giovanni Battista Tiepolo “painted Mary as a babe.”

If you’re like me, you’ve often wondered what would happen if Henry VIII, a pseudo-Viking, a Pilgrim, an ancient Roman, and a Polynesian warrior all went on a road-trip together. Well, wonder no more! Several unaired Snickers “Feast” commercials are now officially posted to YouTube. What can one say? Sound the feasting horn! Crank up the “Greensleeves”! Just watch out for bloody Robin Hood.

One thought on ““Some kind of verb, some kind of moving thing…”

  1. Jeff,

    I hope you have a wonderful trip and that you get a chance to soak up some sun, even if that’s only over lunch. Vitamin D is a wonderful thing, and I wouldn’t want you getting scurvy.

    Have fun wherever your travels take you.



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