“And if anything, then there’s your sign…”

Let there be links!

Carnivalesque XXXVII, an ancient-medieval edition compiled by Eileen Joy, is up at In the Middle. Ite, legete! (Thanks to Eileen for including my post about the Battle of Kosovo.)

Carl at Got Medieval pores over medieval manuscripts and finds pictures of monkeys doing remarkable things. (Medieval monkey school looks especially harsh.)

Brandon at Point of Know Return wonders about the Old English word wundor.

At Studenda Mira, Dave ponders the Akhdam people of Yemen and the value of oral tradition; he also looks into the Akhdam origin myth.

Medievalism meets the modern ethicist! At Chivalry Today, Scott Farrell broadly defines “chivalry” to encompass ethical codes, movie knights, Batman comics, ghost towns, and Andy Griffith. Scott recently invited me to gab about Charlemagne, and I was delighted to oblige. Visit the archive of Chivalry Today podcasts; downloads and iTunes subscriptions are free.

Finally, I was glad to see that Gary Gygax got last week’s back-page obit in The Economist, but if you want to read some truly epic obituaries, check out what the U.K. papers wrote about Steven Runciman in the year 2000. Now that was a life…

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