“He koude rooste, and sethe, and broille, and frye…”

Here at the “Quid Plura?” household, it’s beginning to smell a lot like Easter. The cucumbers are sliced, salted, and sweating their immersion in sour cream and dill. The pierogies wait to wallow in bacon fat and onions, the carrots soon will be bobbing in sos beszamelowy, and the green beans are destined to encounter a honey-and-almonds concoction I haven’t quite invented yet. Kielbasa in sweetened beer sauce shall serve as a snack. Lo, I see the line of my people back to the beginning, clawing frantically for defibrillators…

Anyway, what better time to pause from epicurean giddiness and give you an update on Charlemagne in the news?

Looks like activists plan to disrupt the awarding of the Charlemagne Prize to Angela Merkel at Aachen on May 1. I can’t recall similar recent disruptions of the ceremony, but I’m amused by their call to “reject Charlemagne as symbol of Europe.” In many ways, the EU already did that.

Speaking of the EU, they’ve announced the national winners of the Charlemagne Youth Prize. I like the title of the Czech project: “Together we conquer the world.”

News flash: John McCain is not a descendant of Charlemagne. (News flash: Neither am I. Can I have worldwide press coverage too?)

If you live in Maryland, you can now buy a collectible doll of Charlemagne’s daughter Gisela; the doll accompanies a series of books for young girls about medieval life.

Charlemagne’s name also popped up recently in stories about condom sales in Fulda and Macedonian independence, as well as in a Washington City Paper article about, er, our local lost tribe of Israel.

Dziękuję, Google News—bock bock!

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