“If you’re in the swing, money ain’t everything…”

Blog, and you open yourself to charges of unseriousness; blog frequently, and your prejudice shines before all. Because we Americans tend to cite each other’s work and link to each other’s blogs, I worry that casual readers and newcomers to the field will wrongly assume that writing about the Middle Ages is a purely American phenomenon.

In the interest of combating such base parochialism, here are some notable accomplishments in medievalism by non-Americans, all of whom deserve credit for insights that no American could approximate.

The French uncover new evidence for Carolingian education of women.

Canadian scholars reconstruct a medieval village.

A Latin teacher from England explores a connection between Glastonbury and Canute.

Some lads from the West Midlands explore the history of Eastnor Castle.

A Swiss scholar expands our understanding of vampire legends.

The descendant of a Roman historian dramatizes pagan backsliding in the Middle Ages.

A Swede elucidates questions 50 through 64 of the first part of the Summa Theologica.

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