“Plastic tubes and pots and pans, bits and pieces…”

The weekend is here, and hopefully yours will be sunny. If, however, you’re stuck indoors, enjoy these bits and pieces, which will edify and amuse.

Scott Nokes offers a primer on the impact of the printing press.

Steven Hart finds a dollop of wisdom in the memoirs of Martin Amis.

Kevin Holtsberry reviews The Voyage of the Short Serpent and finds it wanting.

Michael Livingston contemplates the ex-squirrel in his attic.

Frank Wilson suggests that T.S. Eliot might have enjoyed Cats.

Also via Frank, Buce spots Edith Wharton—yes, Edith Wharton—in an anthology of erotica.

At Old English in New York, Mary Kate offers a lovely excerpt from her translation of “The Wanderer.”

Brandon Hawk explains the Anglo-Saxon name “Wulfstan.”

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