“…comme il pleut sur la ville.”

This weekend, if it must rain, then let it rain interesting links.

Scott Nokes offers a typically excellent round-up of medieval blogging.

Did you know that they were singing a prayer in Anglo-Saxon in the season premiere of Battlestar Galactica? (Major spoiler warning; thanks to Dave for sending the link.)

In Maastricht, a 13th-century church is now the world’s most beautiful bookstore. There’s a better photo here. (Link via Books, Inq.)

And I thought my neighbor with the booming TV was bad: In Moscow, students manufacturing medieval arms have blown up their apartment. (Link via The Cranky Professor.)

Pining for Rome? Eternally Cool finds relief in the Via della Reginella and discovers sheep performing public duty in Turin.

Non papa, sed cardinal: Latin pops up in the oddest places, such as this cheesy D.C. Metro ad featuring a bobbleheaded pontiff. (The archdiocese’s problem: he’s dressed as a cardinal.)

Steven Hart appreciates Steinbeck.

Leslie Pietrzyk will pay you to title her novel.

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