“Everybody’s coming, leave your body at the door…”

What are you doing? It’s a beautiful weekend! Get outside! Soak in some sun! Gather ye rosebuds, people!

Still here? Okay. Here are some quasi-medieval doodads to occupy your curious minds.

Washington Post writer Philip Kennicott has a maudlin take on the re-opened Byzantine collection at Dumbarton Oaks. “Getting visitors from there to the next level of understanding is the great desiderata of good museums,” says he, “and it rarely happens.”

Sure, Orson Welles was terrific as Falstaff in Chimes at Midnight, but few remember his triumphant turn as the pitchman for the electronic fantasy board game “Dark Tower.” You can play “Dark Tower” online and enjoy game artwork by Bob Pepper, who’s known for his trippy sci-fi book covers.

Journey back to the Dark Ages—the mid-1970s—and behold, if you dare, the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo battling a dragon on “The Gong Show.”

Where have all the unicorns gone? Per Omnia Saecula will tell you. (Be warned: They’ve got their own planet now.)

3 thoughts on ““Everybody’s coming, leave your body at the door…”

  1. Wil, the only problem with the online version of “Dark Tower” is that it’s smarter than the circa-1980 version. It doesn’t let you cheat…


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