“High time is no time for deciding…”

Need some random, mid-week links? Of course you do.

Linda meets Sir Salman. Jake reviews The Enchantress of Florence. Sam Sacks reviews the reviewers.

Steven Hart has some thoughts on avoiding scam literary agents and waxes nostalgic on the 30th anniversary of Animal House.

Heather Domin takes you on a tour of Roman gardens.

Adam at ALOTT5MA memorializes Madam Marie of Asbury Park, who featured in a well-known Springsteen lyric.

Scott Nokes points out his favorite part of Egil’s Saga. (Keep this in mind if you’re ever a guest in his home.)

What hath WALL-E to do with E.M. Forster? (Link via Books, Inq.)

Ephemeral New York introduces you to Brooklyn’s Civil War drummer boy and a facade of masks in the West Village.

Did you know the King Arthur Flour Company has its own blog? They also sell lots of neat Arthurian cookware. (Discovered thanks to the Naked Philologist.)

At Contemporary Nomad, crime authors contemplate the agony of publicity.

If you love to mix the sacred with the profane, why not buy this chavtaculoso Vatican hoodie?

5 thoughts on ““High time is no time for deciding…”

  1. Jeff,

    Thank you for putting up all the links about The Enchantress of Florence. I enjoy reading reviews of things after I’ve either read the book or watched the movie to compare their reactions and responses.

    You also included a link about WALL-E. That is a fabulous movie. My favorite so far of all the Pixar films and what is so amazing is that the first part of the movie there is little dialogue, but the audience has no difficulty following the story.

    A friend of mine brought her three year old triplets (!) to see it and their eyes were glued to the screen.

    I am amazed to discover that there is beginning to be a back-lash by some conservatives regarding this movie. I dunno. Does that by default mean that they are for littering and mass consumption of consumer goods?

    It’s a wonderful story, with an unlikely hero and it will appeal to audiences of all ages.

    You don’t need to rent a kid to go see it.



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