“Two-one-zero, der Alarm ist rod…”

Basking in the sun? Reading? Wrangling children? Whatever your weekend plans, here are some spiffy links if you find yourself indoors.

Heather Domin continues her tour of the Roman garden with cumin and dill. (Click the “in hortum” tag for her entire series.)

Geoffrey Chaucer re-brands his blog.

Brandon ponders The Historian’s Craft.

Open Letters Monthly mourns Lyall Watson and revisits The Last Unicorn.

Got Medieval finds a medieval law book with not-safe-for-work drawings that put the “stare” in “stare decisis.”

Linda finds the humble remains of a monastery founded by Charlemagne’s dad—and proof that the French drink boxed wine.

The Hogwarts Professor contemplates the medievalism of Harry Potter.

Time magazine describes the lives of recent poets laureate. (Link via Books, Inq.)

Scott Nokes invites you to learn Old English this fall.

Ephemeral New York finds mythical sea creatures on Manhattan buildings and farm animals in Central Park.

Finally, here’s Jose Iturbi conducting an abridged version of Enescu’s Romanian Rhapsody No. 1, with Larry Adler on harmonica. (Come on, who else is gonna link to that?)

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