“Holiday ro-ah-o-o-o-o-ah-o-o-oh…”

Oh, the places you’d go! …if only you had time, money, a plane ticket, and weren’t planted in front of your computer waiting for some weekend reading.

Manhattan! Ephemeral in New York finds enthusiastic cheese.

Catalonia! Jonathan Jarrett sees traces of a love story in 10th-century charters.

Angla-Land! Test your dexterity and constitution with a “Dungeons and Dragons memoir.”

Hobbiton! Jake Seliger defends fantasy lit.

Belgium! The Economist tells you how to survive a business trip to Brussels.

Roma! The Cranky Professor offers tips on dining in the Eternal City.

Deutschland! Gabriele presents the weirdest castle you’re ever gonna see.

Iceland! In the Westman Islands, the yearly puffin hunt is on. Flap for your lives, you puckish little sea-birds!

And, because now it’s stuck in your head, here’s the video for “Holiday Road”—and may your weekend offer more depth than this annoyingly catchy song.

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