“I’m gonna bank to the left, then move to the right…”

Busy week! But enjoy these midweek links, won’t you?

Julie K. Rose has posted the text of her interview with me on the Writers and Their Soundtracks blog. I loved her questions; they made me feel like Jimmy from The Commitments.

Olen Steinhauer is looking for TV shows about spies that do justice to the genre.

Leslie Pietrzyk says, “poets, beware.”

Ephemeral New York tells you where to buy a skeleton in 1916.

Michael Drout has a fun story about his daughter, ancient animal toys, and a Lord of the Rings actor.

Speaking of toys, ALOTT5MA notes the 30th anniversary of the Lego minifigure.

Speaking of Tolkien, Jake Seliger suggests reading his poems in context.

Finally, if you find two weeks of political-convention gasbaggery more horrifying than a fly-infested beach littered with goes-to-eleven boom-boxes blasting digitally remastered recordings of Grendel raking his claws lengthwise across the White Cliffs of Dover (“did he really just deploy that metaphor? Judas priest, I think he did”), then here’s an antidote: Johnny Cash singing “The One on the Right Was On the Left.” Oh dear…

3 thoughts on ““I’m gonna bank to the left, then move to the right…”

  1. I wish I could say it came to me through my extensive network of connections, but basically, I discovered Julie’s blog and dropped her an unsubtle hint in email, and she kindly indulged me.


  2. Jeff –

    I was registering for classes the other day and thought to look up – who else? – my favorite literature professor! I love the site (especially Medieval Shark Week) and was most pleased to discover someone else appreciates Gogol Bordello. It’s always interesting to find out authors’ playlists for their books.

    I hope all is well, and am glad I found your blog!

    Bēoþ gē gesunde!



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