“…now he’s back-page news down in the neighborhood.”

If this week had a bombastic soundtrack, it would be “The Entrance of the Turkeys into Valhalla.” While I ponder my hopeless dream of an all-turkey version of Wagner, here are some non-poultry-related links to kick off a cold and rainy Monday.

Ephemeral New York takes you to Brooklyn to see the Gothic Revival tomb of Charlotte Canda.

Cell phones clash with Gregorian chanting when Kate Marie goes to Rome.

At My Life in Books, Nicole considers authors who whine about bad reviews.

Jeanette Winterson writes movingly about discovering T.S. Eliot at a bad time in her life. (Link via Books, Inq.)

Who knew there was a monument to mark the Battle of Fontenoy? I didn’t, but Steven Till did.

Gypsy Scholar notes a biblical “reference rainbow.”

Julie K. Rose, proprietress of the neat Writers and Their Soundtracks blog, gives us a playlist of her own.

How about a video? Here’s T. Rex performing “Jeepster” in 1972.

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