“Along the coast road, by the headland…”

From Disputatio Pipini cum Albino:

P. Quid est frigus?
—A. Febricitas membrorum.
P. Quid est gelu?
—A. Persecutio herbarum, perditio foliorum, vinculum terrae, fons aquarum.
P. Quid est nix?
—A. Aqua sicca.
P. Quid est hiems?
—A. Aestatis exsul.

Pepin: What is cold?
—Alcuin: Feverishness of the limbs.
Pepin: What is frost?
—Alcuin: Punisher of plants, ruin of leaves, fetterer of earth, source of water.
Pepin: What is snow?
Dry water.
Pepin: What is winter?
—Alcuin: The exile of summer.

The scene earlier today on my family’s street in southeastern Louisiana:

(Photos courtesy mater Cuius Plurium.)

6 thoughts on ““Along the coast road, by the headland…”

  1. Wow was the word that I came up with as well.

    In Louisiana? Really?

    I didn’t think they got snow down there. I hope they’ve got ice scrapers and snow plows.

    BTW, I enjoyed eating my lunch outside again today. I do not miss that kind of weather pictured above, even if it is pretty.


  2. Seven succulent lampreys!! We haven’t had snow like that here yet (at the foot of the Rockies)!

    Everyone knows it doesn’t snow in Louisiana.


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