“…und lass uns ruhig schlafen…”

A weary week limps toward completion, leaving interesting links in its wake.

When Scott Nokes taught Paradise Lost, a student worked out the distance between Heaven and Hell. Lingwë checked the math.

Jonathan Jarrett shows you what historians do when they read early medieval charters.

Adrian Murdoch continues to track press coverage of the anniversary of the battle of Teutoberg Forest.

Apparently, there’s a call to boycott Kindle books that cost more than $9.99.

Ephemeral New York finds pieces of the old Penn Station at the Brooklyn Museum.

The World of Royalty invites you to seek advice “from fifty of history’s unluckiest royal women.”

Victoria Strauss speaks rationally about self-publishing.

Nathan Bransford lets you be a literary agent for a day.

Steve Donoghue reviews a new translation of the Aeneid.

Jake Seliger reviews pens.

Got Twitter? Follow Julius Caesar—or a komodo dragon.

In 1987, William Blake met Tangerine Dream.

Finally, when Germany’s biggest pop singer covers an 18th-century poem, das Resultat ist schön.

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