“But Friday, never hesitate…”

Another week ends; let’s praise people who were far more prolific than I’ve been.

Scott Nokes rebukes the guy who ruined the modern swordfight.

A sharp-eyed classicist swoons, for Rod Blagojevich knows Horatian odes.

Steven Hart tries to remember the forgotten Pulitzer novelists.

Julius Caesar continues to conquer Twitter.

South of Rome, Eternally Cool finds a vending machine for books.

Heavenfield notes that NPR is going the way of Chaucer’s pilgrims.

In Cologne, they’re still sifting through rubble for history’s bits and pieces.

From zombies to e-books, Jake Seliger cultivates April’s literary links.

Congrats to Julie K. Rose! She’s a semifinalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.

Long before “Dancing With the Stars,” choreographer Stanley Donen paired Bruce Willis with Sandahl Bergman for seven great minutes of “Moonlighting.”

Speaking of dancing: it’s a five o’clock world when the whistle blows. So enjoy the weekend!

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