“I sent a dream to you last night from the end of the world…”

I’m not a regular (or even occasional) reader of The Philadelphia Trumpet, the magazine that “seeks to show how current events are fulfilling the biblically prophesied description of the prevailing state of affairs just before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ,” but this cover (brought to my attention by the Great One) impressed me. Good ol’ Karl has a pretty keen eye: His tie matches his suit and the gilded details on his otherwise silver face.

I’ve never tried to picture Charlemagne in a business suit—I’ve never gotten beyond imagining that he looked like a taller, brawnier, less bald version of Dennis Franz—but if modern Christian eschatology intrigues you, then go see what The Philadelphia Trumpet has to say about the forthcoming German elections, because “Germany is about to start World War III—according to your Bible.” The apocalyptic Charlemagne is hardly a new incarnation, but it’s remarkable that such a burly medieval king can still slip so deftly into sharp modern clothes.

UPDATE: Matt Gabriele, who knows tons about Charlemagne and eschatology, has a go at the details of this latter-day prophecy.

4 thoughts on ““I sent a dream to you last night from the end of the world…”

  1. Historians call his rule the First Reich—even though Charlemagne was the second ruler of the Holy Roman Empire.

    The what now hey? Are we supposed to be counting Constantine as first? And if him, why not any of his successors?

    Adolf Hitler was the leader of the sixth Holy Roman Empire.

    And at this point I start to back away, but not before I find the writer quoting Margaret Thatcher as if she were a latter-day prophet. I’m not sure whether that doesn’t inspire my disregard even more than Godwin’s Law. Still! it’s a new reason to study the Carolingians, isn’t it: know your imminent enemy…


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