“Drawn into the stream of undefined illusion…”

“These changing years, they add to your confusion,” grumbled Charlemagne to Alcuin when the old abbot defied his king in a legal dispute involving an escaped convict. “You need to hear,” the king warned cryptically, “the time that told the truth.”

I have no idea what Charlemagne meant, but I do know that “Quid Plura?” turns three years old today. I truly appreciate everyone who stops by, subscribes to the feed, leaves comments, and sends emails—especially those of you who stick around even when updates are erratic, sporadic, enigmatic, or odd.

Without further ado, here—for the benefit of new readers, random Googlers, and anyone looking to run down a slow afternoon at the office—are highlights from the past three years.

Naturally, early “QP?” posts often focused on Charlemagne, so let’s revisit the best thing Charlemagne never said (as well as the second-best thing), check out the only Charlemagne-themed country song, and ponder the connection between Charlemagne and SpaghettiOs.

Can you believe my open letter to the Sci Fi Channel went unanswered?

Acquaint yourself with some curious characters: Discover Chaucerian filmmaker Oscar Micheaux, get to know Belgian historian Henri Pirenne, visit the grave of Henry Adams, and meet Anna Julia Cooper, the most inspiring medievalist you’ve never heard of.

Don’t miss occasional medieval-themed excursions to the Balkans or the Caucasus.

Here in D.C., you’ll search in vain for a famous science fiction author forgotten by her alma mater.

At the National Cathedral, take a stroll into a corner of the ninth century or enjoy an ongoing project: the griping of garrulous gargoyles.

Medievalism abounds in Louisiana: in small towns, in Cajun country, in shrines in the Lower Ninth Ward.

What’s medieval about Ocean City, Maryland? Vikings, and dragon temples, and stupid fat hobbitses.

Commercial break! If you want to enjoy a rarely-read medieval romance (and help support this site), take a chance on The Tale of Charlemagne and Ralph the Collier.

Remember when we celebrated Medieval Shark Week? It was around the time I mutilated a duck.

No one else wanted to defend the movie Sword of the Valiant, so I gave it a go.

On the other hand, readers liked this appreciation of the Pogues.

Why is “Quid Plura?” free of politics? It runs in the family.

Finally, a shout-out to my homeland: Nothing says “New Jersey” like Oscar Wao.

7 thoughts on ““Drawn into the stream of undefined illusion…”

  1. Happy Blogiversary! I didn’t know until today that Constantine made those enigmatic comments. To me they were just lyrics in one of my favourite songs! (Something About You, Level 42) Thanks for the education!


  2. Hi. I’m an occasional visitor and every time I come here I always tell myself that I must come here more often but you know how it is, I’m sure – so much Internet, so little time. Anyway, thanks for all the links. I’m looking forward to reading some of the stuff I missed.


  3. Oh man, did I miss the birthday cake? Felix sit natalis dies Quid Plura! (Or something like that : )

    Keep up the erratic, sporadic, enigmatic, and especially the odd.


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