“Crossing the central reservation of my imagination…”

And so February ends with a work-weary sigh. Thanks for checking in! If life doesn’t continue to intervene, expect posts in March about barbarian poets, the medievalism of World War II—and, of course, a few more gargoyles.

Until then, find ye here some spiffy links.

If you love Njal’s Saga, why not take a scholarly tour of saga country on horseback?

If you haven’t yet read the first part of Adam Golaski’s funky new translation of “Sir Gawain,” what are you waiting for?

E-book publishing for medievalists might get easier with the debut of Witan Publishing.

Writer Beware helps make sense of the Borders bankruptcy filing.

Book Haven thinks about, like, the culture of vagueness and stuff.

Kevin at Interpolations reads a famous Whitman line in context.

Welcome to the Web, Washington Independent Review of Books.

Is Washington “death city” for one novelist?

Historians writing for non-scholars will dig the new Electrum Magazine.

Chris at Hats & Rabbits wins me over by explaining, mirable visu, why he doesn’t blog about the news.

Flavia contemplates grief, mourning, and the elusiveness of “closure.”

Inimitable fantasist Anna Tambour invites you to read her new book.

Tolkien fans await Verlyn Flieger’s collected essays.

The Silver Key kicks around nihilism in fantasy.

Jake Seliger offers a bevy of book-related links.

Castle Dragonscar remembers 1970s fantasy art.

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