“Hey, windowpane, do you remember…”

“April,” said Edna St. Vincent Millay, “comes like an idiot, babbling and strewing flowers.” Although winter has yet to step aside, please accept this florilegium of links.

It’s not too late to enjoy this: Peter S. Beagle celebrated his 70th birthday, and 50 years as an author, by writing a new poem or song every week for 52 weeks. (Beagle, by the way, just published a neat new collection of stories.)

As a Linguist contemplates the noun “palimpsest” and the verb “salsify.” (She also has a blog that pairs her photos taken on vintage cameras with extremely short stories.)

Ephemeral New York finds ships and sea creatures in lower Manhattan.

Open Letters Monthly looks at the literary history of Tarzan.

How do you know your dinner party has flopped? When Polish poets question each other’s patriotism.

A sentence I never imagined I’d write: Scientists have inscribed a James Joyce quotation on the genome of a synthetic goat parasite. (Hat tip: Steven.)

If you enjoy German poetry, spend A Year with Rilke. (In my experience, Rilke draws you in for far longer than one year.)

Tor Books posts an obituary for fantasy novelist Diana Wynne Jones.

At First Known When Lost, Stephen reads Philip Larkin’s poem “Solar.”

I don’t know how I missed this, but The Economist has a books-and-arts blog, “Prospero.”

Hats and Rabbits ponders those who ponder Millennium Falcons.

The Oxford English Dictionary finds a use of “OMG” in…1917?

James “Dinotopia” Gurney dissects one of his own watercolors.

For a little folk whimsy, here’s “Monster’s Lullaby” by Meg Davis.

The Queen song “One Vision” is catchy, but context is everything, especially when you translate it into German.

3 thoughts on ““Hey, windowpane, do you remember…”

  1. So much here to contemplate. I first read PSB’s I SEE BY MY OUTFIT nearly 40 years ago, and this past summer, when Pepco was suffering its power lines woes throughout the WDC metro region and I lost electricity for some days, I re-read it by the light of an oil lamp. A thoroughly delightful experience.

    Thank you for a fabulous compendium of miscellany.


  2. Hi, Jeff —

    Thanks very much for recommending Peter’s 52/50 Project to the world. I think he did some really neat stuff there.

    And I’m sharing E. L.’s oil lamp story with him right away…

    Connor Cochran
    Business Manager for Peter S. Beagle


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