“And they burned up the diner where I always used to find her…”

Autumn dawns, a new week begins, and clever links abound.

An obscure Old French translation of Ovid is finally being translated into English.

University Diaries leads you through “Sublunary,” a poem by A.E. Stallings.

Dylan pens a poetic paraphrase of Goethe.

Hats & Rabbits spins a parable: rabbit in a cage.

First Known When Lost finds a Wallace Stevens poem set in early fall.

Laudator Temporis Acti posts a sonnet by Francisco de Quevedo.

D.G. Myers recommends the novel Stoner.

Jason Fisher previews Tolkien and the Study of His Sources.

Steve Donoghue hails a niche Star Trek novel.

Patrick Kurp notes a federal bureaucrat, Latin translator, and formalist poet.

The New Criterion knows poems resemble jokes. (Hat tip: Frank Wilson.)

Jake Seilger reviews The Magician King.

Mental Floss unwinds an oral history of the American soap opera.

Classical Bookworm measures The Whole Five Feet.

Overthinking It explores the political economy of My Little Pony. (Hat tip: Prof Mondo.)

The Gaslight Anthem, one of my hometown bands, shares “Great Expectations.”

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