“So, I continue to continue…”

“April,” said Edna St. Vincent Millay, “comes like an idiot, babbling and strewing flowers.” In the same giddy spirit, here’s a florilegium of sweet-smelling links.

First Known When Lost sees clouds in poems, poems in clouds.

Julie K. Rose, author of Oleanna, looks at meadows, trysts, and Norwegian identity.

Witan Press, publisher of scholarly medieval e-books, seeks a virtual intern.

Bill Peschel visits Cupboard Maker Books and tells parents to let their kids self-publish.

Prof Mondo spots a songwriter “at the intersection of Bacchan depravity and commerce.”

George reads In Plato’s Cave, an academic memoir.

Who deserves the Arthur C. Clarke Award? This year, there’s controversy.

Jake Seliger asks: Are you more than a consumer?

Hats & Rabbits pens a parable.

Dr. Beachcombing hails a handlist of adult changelings.

Benjamin Buchholz takes us to Oman, where they still build dhows by hand.

Y.S. Fing reviews a book about the man who invented Ignatius Reilly.

PeteLit finds Beatrix Potter’s bunnies bred from a letter.

Lingwë dabbles in absinthe.

Steve Donoghue, man of a million interests, introduces you to opera.

The Book Haven calls for an end to Orwellian “wars.”

Writer Beware! tells you why small publishers fail.

Stephen Akey reads raw Catullus.

Frank Wilson writes a haiku or two.

One thought on ““So, I continue to continue…”

  1. Thanks for the Catullus link! He was always a favorite of mine — at least, since senior year of high school. One of the more memorable of the ancient poets, to be sure.


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