“I can hear people singing, it must be Christmas time…”

Just seven weeks into the life of Looking Up, nearly 100 copies are already in circulation—a surprising and gratifying start for a small, strange book of formal poems about gargoyles with almost no press and a publicity budget of zilch. To everyone who bought a copy or who sent readers here via blog posts, Facebook, or Twitter: thank you!

Christmas is coming, and I need to sell a few more copies to break even and start earning money to donate to the cathedral, so if you’d like a copy—or several stocking-stuffable copies—now’s the time.

The most helpful way to get Looking Up is to order copies from me. You can go to the original post about the book and use the Google Checkout pulldown menu. You can also use Paypal: just check out the pricing based on quantity and destination in the pulldown menu and send the equivalent via Paypal to my email address, jeffsypeck -at- gmail dot com. I’ll ship your books by the next business day.

If you’re a check-or-money-order sort of soul, or if you have questions about ordering, no problem! Just email me. You can also find the book in the gargoyle section at the National Cathedral’s spiffy new first-floor gift shop—and, of course, at Amazon.com.

If you’re new to Quid Plura?, feel free to browse the first drafts of 50 of the book’s 53 poems or read the best posts from the past five years. This blog is about books, art, writing, and above all, discovering traces of the Middle Ages in unexpected places. I don’t update it as frequently as I’d like, but keep checking back. I’ll do my best to make sure there’s something worth reading.

2 thoughts on ““I can hear people singing, it must be Christmas time…”

  1. You are a magnificent poet with a delightfully droll wit, Jeff. The portraits of gargoyles matched with your poetry is a combination that makes Looking Up a true original. I’d love to have it also as a hardback.


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