“And in this town of stops and starts…”

Welcome! In the days ahead, I’ll use this site as a place to ponder books, writing, teaching, and medievalism. As the folks in my blogroll have shown, this format offers real opportunities to write pieces that otherwise might never find an audience, from essays and criticism to extremely short stories. I may be a traditionalist in many ways, but I do know that not everything worth reading needs to be committed to print or bound between covers.

Of course, mindful of my civic duty, I’ll sometimes put aside my usual concerns to alert you, dear reader, to matters of the utmost profundity. For example, those times when an 80’s classic asks the ukulele, “Where have you been all my life?”

I’m eager to see how this site will evolve. “Quid plura?” is typically translated as “need I say more?” or “what more can I say?” Ancient and medieval writers considered it a rhetorical question. I’m not sure it has to be—and I’ll enjoy using this space to see if I can answer it.

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