“They rose up out of a sinking sand…”

My interest in Tolkien is passing at best, but lately I just can’t escape him. Here are a few clever Tolkienesque tidbits that popped up last week on the Web.

Steven Hart is willing to give Guillermo del Toro a shot at directing The Hobbit.

At The One Ring, they think del Toro faces a “dragon problem.”

Elberry ponders hatred in The Lord of the Rings. (Link via Books, Inq.)

At The Cimmerian, Steve Tompkins revisits The Silmarillion. (Link via Wormtalk.)

Heading to Birmingham? Why not visit “Tolkien tower”?

3 thoughts on ““They rose up out of a sinking sand…”

  1. Jake, I’m glad you stopped by; thanks for the links. By an odd coincidence, I was just at your blog yesterday to read your review of the Sarvas novel. Sometimes I think it’s a very small Internet indeed.


  2. That is a funny coincidence—I think the book/lit blogosphere (yetch—did I just use the word “blogosphere”?) is a pretty small place at times, chiefly because a few of the big guys (Sarvas, Maud Newton, Terry Teachout, Books, Inq.) end up directing a lot of the traffic towards useful places. And hopefully “The Story’s Story” is such a place!

    Anyway, Tolkien is a special interest to me, and I might have an academic book about him rumbling around inside. We shall see.


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