“Les yeux sans visage…”

Humidity be darned, here are some writing-themed links for a stuffy summer weekend.

At The Story’s Story, Jake revists the cheeseball novel Day of the Triffids and contemplates the signals he’s receiving from the publishing industry as he shops around his science-fiction novels.

Ephemeral New York finds written proof that the East Village never changes.

Steven Hart notes that Philip K. Dick’s Library of America editions are selling well.

Art Durkee says not to seek out advice about writing. (Link via Books, Inq.)

Market research may not be the publishing industry’s strong point, but Random House and Zogby International have started to put faces to pairs of anonymous eyes. Their nationwide poll (12-page PDF here) does help explain who purchases books, but it won’t tell you why people bought your book—so authors, keep those runestones and pigeon livers handy!

Finally, since it’s going to be a scorching outside, here are two videos to keep you cool: Jose Iturbi listening patiently to “Route 66” and then demonstrating the real way to play the song. After that, who needs air conditioning?

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