“It’s obvious we’re cooler now…”

I started this site one year ago, not knowing quite where it would lead. But you came, you saw, you read—and to my great surprise and delight, you kept on coming back. Visitor numbers increase every month, and I’m heartened to know you’ve found something worth reading, whether over your coffee and toast every morning or as part of your efforts to kill time at work.

Since the bulk of my blogging is not about me, a few friendly readers have told me I’m “cryptic.” In response, I’ve whipped up an “about” page, which you can read by clicking my name at the top of the sidebar. (Be warned: It’s not exactly Krishna revealing himself to Arjuna.)

To everyone who visits, links, leaves comments, and browses this site via feed readers: thank you! Keep reading, and I’ll gladly continue to ply you with strained historical analogies, silly videos, makeshift medievalism, and the eloquence of other people.

4 thoughts on ““It’s obvious we’re cooler now…”

  1. Congratulations on your one-year blogiversary! I love your blog and hope you’ll continue it for many years to come. (And I’m planning to buy your book soon, too.)


  2. I just set a speed record with how quickly I closed that Youtube tab. Damned earworm. I didn’t even have to hear the song for the chorus to get back in my head…


  3. Jeff,

    I hope that you are able to stay cool this week. The weather forecast looks brutal for the east coast.

    I’ve lucked out because it has been overcast on my coast for the last few days, or at least where I’ve been vacationing.

    Congrats on passing that milestone and for continually finding arcane things worthy of comment.




  4. Jeff–

    I’m a big fan; you’ve made my nonfiction blog bookmarks that directs me to must-read blogs–understand that’s impressive.

    Love the musical selections, learning about hidden art in the gardens of the National Cathedral, the subtle photography along the Mid-Atlantic coast, and, of course, dear Charlemagne and medievalism.

    Please, another year, at least? jc


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