“…and Sunday always comes too late.”

It’s one of those weekends. I’m preparing for class (as a student, not as a teacher) and cooking up a storm. In the past 24 hours, I’ve made red beans and rice with andouille, Szechuan green beans with ground pork, a Mexican chili-and-oregano chicken marinade, and I’m brewing my own ginger ale. Should this blog suddenly go dark, you’ll know I was propelled to Valhalla by a window-shattering supernova of yeasty, ginger-flecked projectiles.

And so, some links to get you through the weekend:

Gabriele at Lost Fort translates a lovely Rilke poem and provides the original German for comparison.

ALOTT5MA has the latest on the film adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are. (Here’s a rough clip from the movie on YouTube.)

Ever wondered what happened to the ’67 Camaro from the John Cusack masterpiece Better Off Dead? You can find it—where else?—at betteroffdeadcamaro.com. (Turn down your volume first.)

Open Letters Monthly features the fifth installment of Green, the weird and wonderful serialized translation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by Adam Golaski.

Scott Nokes has a Morning Medieval Miscellany full of good stuff.

Got Medieval’s got elephants from medieval manuscripts.

The Gypsy Scholar dashes off a poem.

Steven Hart introduces us to a great travel writer.

The Cranky Professor wonders: Should museums be free?

Finally, everyone remembers Dream Academy for “Life in a Northern Town,” but since it’s September, sample their lesser-known but almost-as-anthemic single, “Indian Summer.” That was the problem with music in the ’80s: too many synthesizers, too few beautiful women on oboe…

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