“I think she understood, but she never spoke…”

What sort of uncle darts into French Quarter traffic with a five-year-old to take snapshots of medieval-themed statuary? A very bad uncle.

“I think you’re a good uncle,” he insisted later over ice cream cones, reminding me that we should all be quicker to heed the beatific wisdom of children.

But what say you, Miss of Arc?

On the matter of children playing in traffic, the Maid of Orleans has chosen saintly silence.

2 thoughts on ““I think she understood, but she never spoke…”

  1. Duuude,

    She’s Mrs. of Ark.

    Noah’s wife.

    But seriously, have a nice trip with your family and be careful out there. Stop playing in traffic.

    I think this is the first depiction of Jeanne d’Arc I’ve seen that looks like she was dipped in gold.


  2. Well at least it was medieval themed- stuff that a five year old could appreciate. It is big, it is shiny, ithere is an animal involved. A five year old girl can imagine it’s her riding the horse, a five year old boy that he has a sword like that. To risk a small child’s life for something subtly medieval that they would not appreciate (a Saxon archway, a small plaque marking where something exciting happened in 882), now that would be unsound.


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