“Going to a party where no one’s still alive…”

Happy Halloween! Here are a few video treats to get you in the spirit of the day.

With spooky poems, delivery is everything—especially for a classic horror ballad.

Why not crash a dead man’s party?

God help you if your childhood Halloweens were anything like Bill Haverchuck’s.

Bet you didn’t know the scariest castle ever once haunted the Jersey Shore.

Some stories terrify with their very existence, like the story of “Dr. Heckyll and Mr. Jive.”

“Think happy thoughts, my children, or the scary man will do his crazy dancing in your nightmares.”

When you hear “Switzerland,” do you automatically think “bloodcurdling”? You will after watching this. (Just not for the reasons the Swiss hope you will.)

As my five-year-old nephew might say: Skeery!

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