“No time for nothing, no Patek Philippe…”

Busy week! Busy weekend! So here’s an assortment of quite spiffy links.

Unlocked Wordhoard readers are answering a question: What classes do you take if you want to be a medievalist?

It’s the 2,000th anniversary of the Battle of Teutoberg Forest, so Hermann the German is everywhere—but Studenda Mira didn’t expect to find him in Reformation propaganda.

For all Teutoberg-related scuttlebutt, Adrian Murdoch is your go-to guy. (Put his book Rome’s Greatest Defeat on your wishlist.)

Without YouTube, our descendants might never see people working on Linotype machines.

Today, after 72 years, “Guiding Light” is going off the air.

The good folks at The Cimmerian point us to Reclaiming the Blade, a documentary about swords; it’s narrated by Lord of the Rings cast members.

Do aspiring authors need to “know someone”? Victoria Strauss debunks that myth.

Jake Seliger reviews Last Night at the Lobster.

Will McLean finds something wonderful: build-’em-yourself paper automata!

Steve Donohue reviews a new Prince Valiant compilation. (He also reviewed a long-due book about unjustly forgotten illustrator J.C. Leyendecker.)

Ah, the consistency of pop music: Compare the folk song “Lovely Joan” with “Touch and Go” by Emerson, Lake, and Powell.

I grew up a short bike ride from Highland Park, New Jersey. Now blogger Steven Hart has given the town its own online newspaper: The Highland Park Monitor.

Speaking of the great Garden State, it’s the ten-year anniversary of Hurricane Floyd. Revisit the mess in photos, won’t you?

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