“We’re doing fine, I’ll see you on the Nightline…”

The soil is warming, my garden abounds with daffodils abandoned by the land’s last tenant, and spiffy links blossom wherever you look.

King Alfred calls! Study intensive Latin and Old English online through Bemidji State.

Better Living Through Beowulf teaches Tennyson’s “Ulysses” in retirement.

Michael Drout wonders: So how big was the dragon in Beowulf?

The Cranky Professor spies Abbot Suger at a Coptic funeral.

Spring is here, but Lisa Peet seeks winter tales.

Sam Sacks ponders Frank Kermode, novels, and angels.

As a Linguist utters Irish slang.

Lingwë visualizes The Iliad.

A Momentary Taste of Being concludes that literary criticism is collaborative fiction.

University Diaries imagines what pharmaceuticals do to the poetry of grief.

Interpolations gets why Legends of the Fall is short on dialogue.

Jake Seliger wonders if he’s sufficiently cool for Elmore Leonard.

Steve Donoghue reads the new comic-book take on a Conan tale.

The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation launches a new biography.

Prof Mondo won’t let his students write papers on Poe.

Painting and poetry: Anecdotal Evidence notes verse about Wyeths.

D.G. Myers reviews life at 60.

Hats & Rabbits grows gray gracefully.

First Known When Lost finds hedgehogs in poignant places.

On YouTube, Tom O’Bedlam reads “Fairy Tale Logic” by A.E. Stallings.

Dylan pens a fine ghazal: “Opening Act.”

5 thoughts on ““We’re doing fine, I’ll see you on the Nightline…”

  1. Hey, Kevin–yep, I’m on Twitter as @quidplura. I’m not especially active, but I send out notices about blog updates, and I browse and backread when I find the time.


  2. Re Tennyson’s Ulysses….Captain Carroll LeFon, who blogged as Neptunus Lex, created a beautifully personalized and hyperlinked version of this poem when he retired from the Navy. Link here.

    Lex took a post-retirement job flying a fighter as an Adversary for training US combat pilots, and was killed in a crash just a couple of months ago.


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