“In the words of Lincoln, ‘one by land and two by sea…'”

Flags! Explosions! Independence! Power outages! After dousing firework remnants and sweeping away picnic debris, ooh and aah at these sparkling links.

Michael Drout remembers the teacher who taught him Old English.

I find this odd: a play satirizing the International Congress on Medieval Studies. (It’s not that different from most professional conferences, folks.)

Nancy Marie Brown recalls stumbling into medieval Iceland.

The Medieval Material Culture blog finds LEGO castles in Massachusetts.

Megan Arnott surveys medievalism in children’s cartoons.

Scott visits Charlemagne’s Aachen, and takes pictures.

In New York, Gargoyle Girl finds the gargoyles and grotesques of Gramercy Park.

Ephemeral New York spots weeping angels in Brooklyn.

Luminarium makes cookies for the wives of Henry VIII.

Steven Hart remembers how rabbit ears died.

Interpolations administers last rites in the middle of the road.

Benjamin Buchholz tries self-critique through Sudanese art.

Laudator Temporis Actii scans the letterhead of the Society for the Prevention of Progress.

George posits a travel theorem: read instead.

So Many Books likes reading on public transit.

Friend of this blog Lex “Kid Beowulf” Fajardo is featured in A Parent’s Guide to the Best Kids’ Comics.

When the Gypsy Scholar’s blog was plagiarized, he got the runaround from Google.

The Grumpy Old Bookman publishes Daphne Before She Died.

In a poem about the 1980s, Dylan knows there’s no sign of life, it’s just the power to charm. He also, delightfully, spins a ghazal: “’80s Music.”

The Book Haven introduces the North Korean poet who defected.

Rose Kelleher reads forms she hates to love.

Julie Rose asks: What are your books of a lifetime?

Bill Peschel recalls how Shirley Jackson could wield an awesome curse.

Finally tanz den Spatz with Sven van Thom, Berliner popstar turned…rapper?

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