“Everybody’s coming, leave your body at the door…”

The Eve of All Hallows draws nigh! Here, dear readers, is a bowl of candy-sweet links, littered with literary razor blades to trouble the tender pink gums of your mind.

Cinerati sees medievalism in very cheesy ads.

Steve Donoghue reads King Harald’s Saga and books about birds.

Dianne notes that no one’s buying a medieval fake.

Makers of the Middle Ages, covering such souls as Erasmus, Shakespeare, Morris, and Heaney, is now free to download.

The Anglo-Saxon Narrative Poetry Project has translated all of Genesis A and B.

The curious Dr. Beachcombing seeks connections ‘twixt fairies, mermaids, and eggs.

The Book Haven hears out a Russian novelist who aims to turn you off.

Urgelt reads, wonderfully, “The Cremation of Sam McGee.”

Hats & Rabbits weighs the darkness without.

The Era of Casual Fridays explains where “Ozymandius” came from.

Prospero spots what Arthur Conan Doyle got right.

Marginalia questions the quantification of literary enjoyment.

James Gurney asks why we invented magenta.

First Known When Lost hails the “Dance of the Macabre Mice.”

Pete Lit looks for imaginary books.

Bill Peschel laughs at a new scam for authors.

Fenster Moop doubts the fall of the faculty.

George notes the death of the man who made C.

ZMCK looks at sign design in Budapest.

Jake Seliger reads Steve Jobs.

New Jersey residents of a certain age remember a castle by the sea.

Finally, here’s last year’s Halloween gargoyle poem.

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